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EN 14470-1


EN 14470-1, the European Norm regulating the storage of flammable products, came into force in 2004, replacing the DIN 12925-1 norm.

The introduction of EN 14470-1 raises the level of security throughout Europe.

A safety cabinet for the storage of flammable products must have a fire resistance, indicated as TYPE, which can be 15, 30, 60 or 90 minutes. This, in turn, leads to the following classifications:

  • TYPE 15
  • TYPE 30
  • TYPE 60
  • TYPE 90
The purpose of the cabinet is to give an adequate protection in case of fire, in order to allow for firefighters and rescue workers to intervene before a more serious fire, caused by the combustion of flammable substances, may occur.

Each safety storage cabinet must therefore obtain a certification following a fire test. The fire tests should only be carried out by Ministry certified Institutions.


A fire tests should only be carried out by Ministry certified Institutions and according to a specifically defined protocol.
For each fire test, two identical cabinets are going to be tested: one is the model and the second is going to be processed in the fire chamber.
All the data and measures of the cabinets are controlled and compared with the technical drawings, before starting the test. The cabinet is prepared for the fire chamber: temperature sensors are let inside the cabinet, to measure the temperature of the inside air and of the surface, the air recycling valves are opened, the top shelf is charged with its maximum load, then a glass container filled for the half with water is placed in the cabinet. The doors are closed.
Pictures are taken before and after the test as documentation.
The cabinet is placed in the fire chamber, after rules ordered by the norm, it should be placed at least at 100mm from the wall, in vertical position, and without any supplementary backing.
The flames hit the cabinets on its walls and roof.
After 90 minutes testing, the temperature increases of a temperature alike the temperature of a out-and-out fire.
The test is got through only if, for the time of the test ( for example 90 minutes for a safety cabinet certified TYPE 90 ) the internal temperature of the cabinet does not increase above 180°C.
After the overtaking of the test, a certification attesting the outcome of the proof is given.
Only the cabinets that obtain the certification of an institution qualified by the ministry guarantee the full security and the protection for the storage of inflammable products.